The Swimming Pools

The Magic Finca has two funky swimming pools painted in vibrant colours! Nestled amidst lush greenery and bathed in natural sunlight, our pool area is a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Ready to make a splash? Our pool welcomes you to indulge in the ultimate aquatic escape.

Our pools were installed by Hossegor Pools. They specialize in tailor-made ecological swimming pools, offering chemical-free solutions for exceptional projects. Their designs prioritize sustainability and innovation, creating serene oases that harmonize with nature.

Partnering with Compass Pools Europe, renowned for their 35 years of expertise, we ensure the finest in ceramic swimming pool manufacturing. Their patented carbon ceramic design guarantees durability and elegance, perfectly suited for our hotel.

At Magic Finca, we’ve redefined pool perfection. Below is one of the few in Ibiza that is 100% chemical-free. Dive into pure, crystal-clear waters, free from any chemicals. With KMOBATEVA, an innovative company dedicated to developing cutting-edge purification technology, we ensures pure water and unparalleled microbial safety, ideal for maintaining pristine pool conditions throughout the year, even in warmer climates.

All our pools come equipped with Covrex® Classic pool covers, ensuring maximum safety. Developed in adherence to the strictest pool cover standards, Covrex provides unparalleled protection for our pools.