Let us tailor your experience based on your needs. Enjoy daily housekeeping, request babysitting, wine tasting & more!

Daily housekeeping

Our trusted team members, with whom we have a long lasting relationship, are not simple housekeepers, they will go above and beyond to make your life easier, helping you with damaged clothes and broken accessories, advising you regarding your children and dog affairs, connecting you to tailors, or emptying your luggages and arranging your belongings. They use the finest organic products, minimising toxicity in your space and maximising wellbeing.

Dry Cleaning

Allow us to connect you to our dry cleaning partners. With home pick-up, they will return your items in 24-48 hours.


Let your guard down as we spend time with your children and their friends for the duration of your choosing.

Private Dinning

Let our team of international chefs organise bespoke Magic Collection events for you and your guests. Our goal is to find unique locations for you to enjoy: from sledge dinner to other special locations around Megève and beyond.

The Cinema

Curl up in our luxury state-of-the-art cinema with a classic film. Choose a movie and let our team prepare a screening for you.

Wine Tasting

The Magic Wine Collection comprises 40,000+ bottles of wine. Taste some of our bottles, or let us tailor the experience to your palette. Interested in more? Ask us to organise a dinner for you with our network of the finest international wine producers.

The Restaurant

Let us serve you the freshest organic produce from the region for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Allow us to tailor the menu to your preferences and dietary requirements.


Forget about driving or parking as our private driver takes you wherever you want, whenever you want.

La Dispensa

Visit our in house deli to enjoy a luxury snack or purchase a gift for your loved ones. All products are Italy’s finest — browse our selection of truffle treats.


Choose a cocktail (prepared by experts!) in our funky bar.

Personal Training

Enjoy our outdoor gym with our personal trainer, specialised in effective, safe workouts for your body type and specific needs.


Enjoy a trim, blow dry or colour session in house with one of our trusted hairdressers. Allow us to organise an appointment based on your needs.


Choose from a wide range of wellbeing, beauty and massage treatments. Lounge by the swimming pool. Fight stress, fatigue and aging, improve your quality of sleep and life with our one-of-a-kind Human Tecar services.

Shamanic Treatments

Quieten the mind and let the soul speak. Choose from a variety of shamanic experiences: bio-energetic, MIR method, quantum touch, integral therapy, soul retrieval, or power animal journey.

Acupuncture & physiotherapy

Suffering from pains or experiencing post-sport fatigue? Get treated by our acupuncture specialist and physiotherapist to improve your overall wellness and strengthen specific areas of your body.