Marta Fofi

“Nature Smiles” project

Nature Smiles is an artistic project that explores the connection between humans and nature through three distinct murals, each telling a unique story of peace and joy.

Nature Smiles celebrates the beauty and harmony of nature through three unique and engaging murals. Each mural narrates a story of peace, protection, and connection with the surrounding world, inviting viewers to reflect on the wonders of life and find comfort in nature’s beauty. It offers a visual and spiritual experience that immerses them in the spirit of Ibiza and will stay with them for a long time.

Mural 1: “The Guardian Dragon”

The first mural, The Guardian Dragon, captures the image of a majestic blue dragon lovingly wrapping around the hallway of a house. With its head turned towards the entrance, the dragon symbolizes protection and strength, while the house below is enveloped in a sense of security and tranquility. The mural invites viewers to reflect on the forces that protect and guide us in our daily lives.

Mural 2: “The Happy Island”

In the second mural, The Happy Island, a typical Ibizan house greets guests with a shining sun just as they enter the living room. Colorful stars light up the blue sky while free birds fly in the calm air. Surrounded by prickly pears, aloe vera, and colorful flowers, the house evokes a sense of peace and serenity. The mural invites viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty and light of the Mediterranean.

Mural 3: “Please, Silence – I’m Meditating”

The third mural, Please, Silence—I’m Meditating, depicts a majestic white rabbit in a meditative pose, surrounded by a bucolic landscape. With its eyes closed and ears perked, the rabbit appears deeply immersed in a state of inner calm. Around it, the sea, flowers, the moon, and the sun create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. The mural invites viewers to find inner serenity and connect with nature through the practice of meditation.