Luis Lázaro Matos

Yoga retreat for Hummingbirds, 2022

Yoga retreat for Hummingbirds consists of several murals that can be inhabited by birds. Matching the dreamy landscape of Es Cubells, this work consists of an oneiric representation of a landscape vaguely similar to the one seen its surroundings. In these murals where colorful bird-boxes were installed overlooking the ocean, human-bird like figures are doing yoga poses. The tranquility of the pastel tones matches not only the calm energy of Es Cubells but also the theme around these strange figures – humming birds, one of the symbols of Ibiza. In a witty manner these figures like any visitor of Es Vedrà seem to be slowing down or stretching their arms, as if they were themselves animals in need for rest from the speed of their fast-beating wings.

Luis Lázaro Matos

Smile you are In Cubo

In Magic Ibiza, the artist Luis Lázaro Matos presents his 10 immersive spaces, an innovative and thought-provoking performance titled “Smile you are In Cubo.” This performance draws inspiration from his previous work in Megève, “Smile you are in Spain,” and explores themes of freedom and confinement through the symbolic use of birds. The title plays on the Italian word “incubo,” reflecting the nightmare of captivity experienced by the birds.

Set in the enchanting natural reserve of Es Cubells, the stage incorporates minimalist props that resemble traditional fishermen’s houses. 

The performance space is defined by boxes identifiable as cages containing various Ibizan bird species, highlighting the tension between the natural world and human-imposed boundaries.

Luis takes the stage with deliberate, controlled gestures that symbolize the constraints of societal norms and environmental degradation. As the performance progresses, he begins to open the cages, allowing the birds to fly freely within the performance area, adding unpredictability and spontaneity.

The interaction between the artist’s choreography and the birds’ flight paths creates a visual dialogue that blurs the lines between human and avian realms, urging the audience to reflect on the interconnectedness of all life.