Giovanni Ozola

Giovanni Ozzola

Geometric Whispers, 2023

Ozzola created a parallelepiped and customized it with life-size prints of tree shadows stems from a fascinating integration between rigid geometric forms and the sublime natural beauty.

This parallelepiped, an emblem of precision and uniformity, transforms into a frame on which nature sketches its essence. The prints, depicting the tree shadows at life-size and meticulously placed on its surface, provide a novel perspective. They do more than reflect the visual wonder of nature; they also initiate a lively exchange between the structured geometry of the object and the effervescence of the natural setting.

This extraordinary fusion celebrates the meeting point between the orderly geometric element and the organic, prompting observers to contemplate the symbiosis between human artistic gestures and the perfection of nature. Every angle of the parallelepiped reveals a remarkable interplay of creativity and beauty.